At Living Word we're growing a family that experiences every promise of God. Were a church for ALL-equipping families to win through Acceptance, Laughter, and Love.

We believe in Jesus. His teachings and ministry embody unbridled love and acceptance for all who are weary. Through His example, our church equips its family to succeed in the world of today. Through acceptance, laughter, and love, our services and ministries show people just how valuable they are to God, and just how much they can accomplish in this lifetime through Jesus. That's what church is about. We hope we see you soon!


Pastors Mark & Holly Earle are loving pastors that are consumed with families coming to know Jesus. They have given their lives to further the cause of the local church. Pastor Mark is a graduate of Arizona Christian University and grew up at Living Word Bible Church. Pastor Holly a Scottsdale native is a graduate of Grand Canyon University and found God while attending Scottsdale Bible Church.

They helped build New Life Family Church in downtown Gilbert since it started in 1999. New Life Family Church became Living Word Gilbert in 2018, rejoining Pastor Mark to his church home. Pastors Mark and Holly were married in 2000 and have two children, love the city of Scottsdale, and are passionate about seeing people fall in love with Jesus.

In February 2020 Pastors Mark and Holly were installed as Lead Pastors of Living Word Scottsdale.


In 2011 Pastors Jason & Kelly Anderson and Pastors Scot and Holly Anderson founded Living Word Scottsdale. They served faithfully as Lead Pastors of Living Word Scottsdale for seven years.